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CAD is helping hundreds of children through its programs and social work. Below are just two of those stories.


Chantin lives in a village where many people have job with fishing and cultivating. Many people immigrate toThailandto work. Some of them keep all daughters and sons with grand-parents at home inCambodia, but some parents take them to go to work atThailandtoo. Thus, their children cannot learn at all. Some student came back fromThailandand were supported to go to school, but they have to learn in repeat class again. Because they learn little, when they become adult, they can not pick up new skills easily.  Many people who live there are the poor, and do not have enough food. They catch snails in the field for adding protein to food. They can only grow rice one-time per year because there is not enough water and there is a poor irrigation system there.   

Chantin is a 12 years old girl. She learns in grade 4 in primary school. Because of poverty in her family, her parents go to work inThailand. So, they keep her all brothers and all sisters to live with grand-father at home. Grand-father is 68 years old and grows sugar-cane around his home. He does not have a big land for making rice-field. For growing sugar cane tree, he can earn 40,000 riels (equal $ 100.00) for one 6 month season. They also grow fruit and vegetables to help feed the family.

This income can support rice, food and some medicine but he cannot support his grand-daughter’s school materials and Chantin does not have enough school material. She goes to school on foot - around 4 km from home, and sometimes she goes to school by her friend’s bicycle. She got ranked 25 among 41 students because she tries to study hard. 

By seeing about difficult for her and her family, the SSC, SD, teacher and village chief decided to provide a scholarship to her. When she heard that she received scholarship from SfE she was very happy and her grand-father was also happy. She promised that she would try to learn and improve education. As the result, Chantin was ranked 14 among 41 students in January. She always does homework and to plays with friend in the break-time. She still continues her studying.

In the future, she wants to be a teacher and she wants to teach slow learner in her community. And she wants to earn money to support her family.To help her achieve her dreams, One Family bought her a bicycle and also agreed to sponsor her family for 18 months so they will receive extra rice and basic foods every month.


Peas is a remote community, around 45km away from Battambang City.  The scenery is beautiful but the community comprises a series of small shacks that are built along a poor quality dirt road that runs through the centre of rice fields.  Many of the people here do not own any land and have just built what they can afford along the roadside.  When it floods in the rainy season, they move all their possessions onto the road and sleep there. 

When we first visited Samnang in 2015,  he lived with his 67 year old grandmother in very poor conditions.  His parents had gone to Thailand and never sent any money home to support him.

 House 2015


Samnang told us that he hunted rats for food and his grandmother worked as a labourer for other farmers; earning a very small wage and the family was always hungry. 

Despite these difficult conditions, Samnang really enjoyed school and hoped to go on to study at secondary school one day. The CAD Director went to visit Samnang’s grandmother and agreed to provide her with materials to expand her existing business; catching fish, eel, and snails from the Peas Lake to sell. Using money provided One Family, CAD bought him a bicycle because the school was 3 km away.

Ho-House An Australian family then agreed to sponsor Samnang and his family and this has allowed CAD to supply him with materials, clothes and even a basic food package every month (sugar, salt, soy sauce etc). Now we found that Samnang is going to school every day with his new bicycle and wearing new clothes provided by CAD. He even takes his brother to school on his bicycle so two children have benefited from this gift!

Somnang now lives in better house and his parents recently have come back from Thailand. They still owe a small amount of money from an earlier debt and both parents “go to work far away” on the Tonle Sap lake or in the city.

Ho SomnangWhen we met up with Samnang at school and he was looking very strong and healthy. So much better than when we first met him! The family has received a water filter and this saves them around $15 a month because they no longer have to buy drinking water.