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Meet the Children

CAD is helping hundreds of children through its programs and social work. Below are just a few of those stories.


Moninath Moninath House

When we first met this family they had no home, no land and were relying on the good will of a friend. The table and bed, under their friend's house, was their home.

Luckily, 13 year old daughter Moninath was given a Classroom of Hope scholarship. Then another donor saw the family and offered to build a small house and help them start a business.
Their new house is simple but safe and dry.

Moninath's mother

The donor also provided enough money for them to set up a stall near the school.
They sell around $25 a day (with a profit of around $5).

Her mother is over the moon because her family have had a second chance in life.


Ho Ho Samnang

Samnang lived with his 67 year old grandmother in very poor conditions (yes, he is sitting in front of their home). Samnang told us that he hunted rats for food and his grandmother worked as a labourer for other farmers; earning a very small wage and the family was always hungry. His parents had gone to Thailand and never sent any money home to support him. CAD bought him a bicycle and provided important food and fishing materials to his grandmother.

Samnang house Samnang

Later, Samnang's parents returned and built a small house. Samnang is going to school every day with his new bicycle and wearing new clothes provided by CAD. He even takes his brother to school on his bicycle so two children have benefited from this gift!


Joy Joy at orphanage

Joy was the son of a woman who had a very bad drinking problem. He relied on the pagoda and kind neighbours to feed him – despite this, he was very malnourished. CAD was able to build them a small house and provided food and other basics but his mother died within 12 months and CAD found him a place in a safe orphanage.


Suofyna Suofyna

Suofyna is very poor and has a disability caused by a hip fracture when she was young, She walks with crutches and relies on her brothers to take her to school on their very old bikes. Although their home is only 3km away, it takes around 45 minutes to go from school to her house. CAD bought her a new bicycle and the family was overjoyed!



Chantin's parents were working in Thailand so she lives with her 68 year old grandfather. They could not afford a bicycle so she walked 4 km to school every day. CAD bought her a bicycle and also agreed to sponsor her family for 18 months so they received extra rice and basic foods every month.