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With the involvement of Future Sense Foundation volunteers, the quality of CAD Supplementary classes has sky-rocketed since 2013.
Within a few months, 6 new classrooms had been constructed and a fence put up. By the end of 2022 there were 12 classrooms and a playground!
A picture speaks a thousand words so:

No Desks. Classroom in 2011 – upturned buckets are used as desks.2011 Desks.Classroom in 2015 – new desks and more students! 2015
Old tarpaulins decorate a CAD school in 2013.2013 In 2015, FSF volunteers have been at work with the children to
create a stimulating learning environment.2015
In 2020, Ek Phnom gave CAD a longterm peppercorn lease
for a large block of land next to Ek Phnom primary school.Land at Ek Phnom
Within months, 6 new classrooms had been constructed. And a fence put up!classrooms
The children were delighted with their new permanent home.New classroom During Covid the teachers built them a new playground.playground
The new school also has a hand washing stationhandwashing and garden beds!garden beds