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Donors and their Projects

CAD could not operate without the support of international donors and is proud to have developed strong partnerships which include:

Smaller individual donors also provide valuable support by providing flexible support for small, on-ground projects as shown as below:


Lis Dingjan Ek Phnom Shop project

Before Covid, Lis Dingjan funded a social enterprise providing job opportunities and environmental education in the Womens Handicraft Shop. During Covid it was impossible for Lis to run the business because there were not many international visitors.
The shop was however, was used to make school uniforms for scholarship students and krama weaving.

Lis continues to support two girls at Phnom Penh University - one girl is studying journalism and is now in Year-4 and the second is studying a doctors degree and is in Year-2. This funding is changing the lives of these two young women.

Photo: Using locally sourced products to weave into bags


One Family

Many families in this area live off less than $100 per month and this barely supports a family, let alone offers any chance to escape poverty. One Family is an Australian volunteer group that focuses on providing small grants to one family at a time. By providing materials, food and health care, they can make a big difference in the lives of Cambodians. Below are some examples of One Family beneficiaries.

  • Provide new bicycles for children who live a long way from school.
  • Build houses for homeless families with children.
  • Build toilets at schools.
  • Provide equipment for the disabled.
  • Provide food for families struggling through Covid
  • Provide laptop computers to teachers at government primary schools.
  • Build school ramps for disabled access.

Nang lived with his grandmother in a shack next to the road. During rainy season, their home flooded and they had to sleep on the road. His parents had gone to Thailand, taking his four brothers and sisters with them.  One Family provided equipment for fishing, a bicycle and also a monthly supply of food for the family and now their situation is much better and Nang has been able to go to secondary school.

To find out more about children helped by One Family, see Programs and Success Stories - Children.


One Family is a small donor but has been able to respond quickly to local needs. In 2020 an Australian donor, Rose Morgan agreed to fund a "Wheelchairs for Kids" project in Battambang. This is a much needed project as many of the disabled children in rural areas are severely disadvantaged and cannot go to school.
So far, the project has funded wheelchairs, tricycles, school ramps, laptop computers and food for families severely affected by Covid.

Below are some examples of One Family results:

New bike
In 2022, ten bicycles were provided for children who live a long way from school. This child was loving her new pink bike!
Since January 2021, One Family has supplied 36 wheelchairs and 4 tricycles - all made in Cambodia by a Cambodian not-for-profit NGO.
When we met this boy he was stuck at home and felt very isolated.
And he went for a haircut to celebrate!


Marf Yau Fan Club

Cambodia’s health service has always been very limited and is not able to cope – especially in remote/rural areas.  When people and children get sick it is difficult for them to travel to the hospital or health center because the road is bumpy and very slippery when it rains.

The Marife Yau Health Express is a new project that started in 2022. With funding provided by a Hong Kong based Marf Yau Fan Club (Marf is a girl group called Collar) a vehicle was supplied to provide free transport for poor sick people, children and pregnant women to access health treatment. It supports vaccination programs, ensures pregnant women are examined regularly and delivers nutritious food and other necessary health products to the Peam Ek commune in Ek Phnom district of Battambang province.
The total number of patients and children sent to hospital in 2022 was 269.

ECHO (Belgium)

ECHOstudents receiving kits

ECHO is small organization that is able to offer very flexible and responsive support. They have supported CAD since 2021. In 2022 ECHO provided funds to purchase 360 menstruation hygiene kits for poor girls in the Ek Phnom community. They also provided a small salary for a coordinator and administrative staff, and funded some office costs.

Photo: Girls receive their hygiene kits

Mr Chi Him Samual Hui

Mr Samual provided funds to relocate the Ek Phnom shop in 2019 and also provides salary for the weaver. He is from Hong Kong and has supported CAD with many donations since 2015.

Mr Michael Chase Corley

The boxing project continues to be supported by Mr Michael Chase Corley. There are 5 students and 2 teachers.

Dr Simon Stock

Dr Simon Stock is a member of the CAD Governing Board and his family have been long term supporters of CAD programs.
ACT ministries, in partnership with CAD, continued to hold regular community clinics in Peas, Prek Trob, Tapon and Steong Jas.
ACT also hold separate diabetic clinics in Stung Jas Village and Preak Chdou.
In 2022, also CT ministries continued do health screening for the children of 12 target E2L schools.

Photo:Dr Stock always has a queue of patients at his monthly clinic.