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CAD currently works in the Ek Phnom District and would welcome opportunities to become involved with other NGOs; especially those working in the areas of health, primary and pre-primary education.

Although CAD is a new NGO, we have enjoyed a strong capacity building partnership with our international and local partners. Our staff have been extensively trained in implementing Child Friendly Schools and our relationship with Future Sense Foundation gives us access to international volunteers teaching English, sport, first aid and a wide range of life skills activities.

If your organization is bidding for funding and needs local partners in the Battambang area, please contact the Executive Director.

How you can help

If you want to know how you can further support our organization, below are a few ideas.

Sponsor a Child

Previous international volunteers and visitors have met children whose families who are really struggling to send the children to school. To help individual children, please give their name to CAD and offer to sponsor the child for 12 months. There’s no set amount per month—it depends on what you can afford.

Can I donate?

If you can only commit to a one-off donation, a bicycle is a great way to change a life. Many children drop out of school after grade 6 because secondary school is too far away. US$100 can literally change a life.

Income Generation

You can also support individual families to start a small business. For example, one person gave a family $300 and this bought 20 chickens, built a chicken house, paid for training and also provided $10 a month for food for 12 months.

What is the First Step?

Just email and speak to the CAD Executive Director and he will be happy to discuss your idea and guide you through the process.

How to transfer funds

International bank transfers usually incur a bank fee of around $30 so it is better to make one lump sum payment every 6 months to CAD.
Email the CAD Executive Director and he will provide you with the CAD bank account details.

Can I be sure my money is spent how I want it?

CAD will send you a photo and short report on the progress of families every 12 months. We always keep a signature from the family when they receive money —just ask for a copy with your report.

Can I Volunteer?

If you want to volunteer with CAD, please visit the Future Sense Foundation website