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Our Success Stories

Community Education

CAD has enjoyed much success since it became an NGO. One example would be the building of a new Primary School in Peas. CAD ran a community school in Peas for 7 years and by doing this, proved that there was sufficient demand for a government school. CAD then worked with the Department of Education to build a new school and in 2016, generous people through ARUPE (Spain) built three more classrooms. Check out the school story.

Since 2016, CAD has secured funding to demolish five existing government primary schools and build modern, new, Child Friendly schools. When you compare the before and after photos (insert link to ‘school construction’), it’s no wonder attendance has improved!

CAD programs have also made a difference in the lives of individual children. To find out what it is like to walk a mile in their shoes, see the stories of children. For more information, visit Classroom of Hope.

CAD began running Supplementary Classes in 2012 and these classes were held in a mix of rented houses, pagoda and donated spaces. Then, in 2020 Ek Phnom Commune Council gave CAD a peppercorn lease for a large block of land and CAD was able to build twelve special purpose classrooms. See the story of the Supplementary Class for a pictorial history.