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School Construction

Thanks to our long-term partnership with Classroom of Hope and Navitas, CAD has been able to expand into the area of school construction.


Ek Phnom 2018

Ek Phnom later in 2018
Ek Phnom later

Andoung Trach 2018
Old School
Andoung Trach 2019
New School
Andoung Trach 2018
Inside old classroom
Andoung Trach 2019
new classroom

Toul Lvieng 2019
Toul Lvieng 2019
Toul Lvieng 2020
Toul Lvieng 2020
Old classroom-Toul Lvieng
old classroom
New classroom-Toul Lvieng 2020
new classroom

Preak Drob 2020
Preak Drob 2020
This School was constructed in 2021
Construction 2021
PD classroom Construction

Bou Khna 2021
Two of the four classrooms had fallen down.
In January this school was nearing completion
– with plans to improve the grounds around it.

Note: The framework in front of the school is the playground roof.
Bou-Khna 2021 Construction
classroom The other classrooms were dark and hard to study in.
This boy is pointing to the flood level…… where the water reaches every year.
What happens when you build a new school?
In 2020, there were 395 students enrolled at the Bou Khna.
At the start of 2023 this had risen to 490 students!

In all cases, the schools were required to contribute to the cost of the project and fundraise to pay for landfill, fencing and the opening ceremony. Bou Khna school was particularly successful and the community raised US$8500 to build an extra classroom and a playground.