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Peas School

CAD started a community school in Peas in 2002 and, although the conditions were very poor, it was well attended. The government then saw that there were enough children in this area to merit a government school. This was opened in 2012 and is now (2023) attended by 235 children(including 195 girls).


The CAD community school was very poor quality but the students were enthusiastic.
The new classroom built by MOE in 2012
new school

new school

New school built in 2012. In 2016 three more classrooms were built by ARUPE (Spain)) giving a total of 6 classrooms plus one office and library.




The Peas region continues to experience many difficult problems. It is home to a lot of subsistence farmers who don’t own their land. The government plans to install a new concrete road in 2023 and has ordered people who don’t hold a land title to vacate their homes. This has led to a mass exodus of poor people seeking work in Thailand – many taking their children with them. Those who have chosen to stay have turned to the Tonle Sap lake for food and there are concerns that, with each family taking 3-5kg of snails a day to survive, the lake will run out of food stocks.