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Supplementary Classes

In 2013, Children’s Action for Development began its partnership with Future Sense Foundation, running supplementary classes in three different villages. It has long been a dream of CAD to bring all supplementary classes into one permanent centre, and when the Ek Phnom Commune Council offered a peppercorn lease over land next to Ek Phnom Primary school, Racky and his team jumped at the opportunity to make that dream come true.

Funding to construct the classrooms was provided by Future Sense Foundation – with smaller donors including One Family Australia, Jason Rainsford and students from the local university. CAD now has a total of 12 permanent Supplementary Class classrooms at Ek Phnom attended by 450 students.

Future Sense Foundation (FSF) continues to provide free education classes focused on Khmer literacy, numeracy, English, computer skills, morality and life-skills and hygiene training in the new centre at Ek Phnom. FSF also provides salaries for ten Supplementary Class teachers, one computer teacher and CAD project staff.


Photo left: This was a classroom in 2011 – upturned buckets were used as desks. Then, in 2020, the Commune Council and District Governor donated some land next to Ek Phnom primary school and CAD secured enough donations to be able to build 12 new classrooms.

land for schoolThis is the land donated by the Commune Council and District Governor school-outsideThe first of the classroom blocks, containing two classrooms.
Since these were built in 2021, ten more classrooms have been added
kids return to school The kids raced back to school as soon as they could kids happy
The kids were very happy to be in their new class
outside area1 outside area2
play area With funding from FSF and smaller donors, CAD has been able to build a total of 12 permanent Supplementary Class classrooms at Ek Phnom.
And the kids got a new playground!

CAD provides free classes to:

  • Kindergarten (early childhood education)
  • Level 1 (Grade 1 and 2),
  • Level 2 (Grade 3 and 4),
  • Level 3 (Grade 5 and 6).

Students are educated free of charge and are given pens, books, pencils and other materials. Children are also provided with water and snacks such as local cakes, bread and fruits. The community teacher provide khmer, math, English, lifeskill and Sport.

Future Sense Foundation (FSF) is a UK based volunteering organization who arrange for international volunteers to visit Battambang for periods of between one week and a few months. An in-country FSF manager ensures that volunteers are properly accommodated and CAD provides them with the opportunity to work with the children.
Below is a snapshot of work carried out by Future Sense Foundation (FSF) volunteers. If you are inspired, visit the Future Sense Foundation website

  • teaching maths, English, life skills, and sport, 
  • improving reading, the teaching skills of Cambodian teachers,
  • improving health through first aid, drug education,nutrition (including providing snacks at supplementary classes), safe migration, child right,
  • carrying out repairs to homes,
  • running kindergarten classes
  • teaching dance classes
  • computer classes
  • clean water education
  • capacity building to youth.

For some examples of Supplementary Class programs, see our Programs and Success Stories