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Our vision

Children Action for Development (CAD) vision is of a happy, loving and understanding family environment which supports the full and harmonious development of children. CAD respects and supports the efforts of parents and other caregivers to care for children in family environment.

Core Values

Our core values are honesty, transparency, solidarity, innovation, justice, respect for human rights and gender equality.

Human and Child Rights

CAD believes that the poor and vulnerable are often denied their rights. Only when children and the broader community have the information, knowledge and a clear understanding of their rights, will they be able to access their human rights. CAD will uphold the UN Conventions on Human and Child Rights. Whilst acknowledging the above rights, CAD also believes that each person is responsible for their individual decisions and actions.


CAD believes that by working alongside donors, all levels of government, NGO’s with similar missions and the community, in the spirit of cooperation, it will best meet the needs of the children and families it aims to serve.

Accountability and Transparency

CAD is committed to transparency in all of the activities it undertakes and will maintain accountability to its stakeholders, donors, partners, CAD staff, children, families and communities it aims to serve.

Respect for Family

Acknowledging the difficulties that many families face in caring for their children, CAD believes that a stable and loving family is the best environment to raise a child.

Respect for Staff & Volunteers

CAD equally values and respects the contribution of all staff and volunteers regardless of position and/or gender.


CAD believes that only by working with the whole community and building community capacity will any gains in development and quality of life remain sustainable.